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Services and Rates

  Every visit includes the following:

  • Personalized, individual attention.
  • Engaging play time if your kitty enjoys playing.
  • Fresh food and water.
  • Litter box maintenance.
  • Brushing if needed.
  • Administering medications.
  • Picking up mail and/or newspapers and packages.
  • Taking garbage to the curb.
  • Watering house and deck plants.



  • Base rate is $19 per visit for up to 3 cats. Add $1 each for additional pets.

  Other Services:

  • Watering gardens (aside from porch/deck plants): $5 per occurrence.
  • Nail Trim: $3
  • Pet Taxi: For current clients only, if your kitty needs a taxi the rate is $20 within service area. Over half an hour will be billed at an additional $5 per 15 minutes.

 Please note: these are base rates and may vary. Please contact KnK for a personalized quote for your pets.

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